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OM yoga studio has teamed up with Cashew Hill to offer a one-of-a-kind experience for yogis, travelers, seekers and explorers in the Caribbean of Costa Rica. This is the 1st center of it’s kind in Puerto Viejo and rests atop a quiet jungle hill with gorgeous ocean views from every angle. Gardens on-site allow us to learn where our food comes from and taste farm-to-table abundance. You will awaken to the howl of monkeys, spot parrots, sloths and toucans and fall asleep to the sound of the cicadas. Near-to-nature, we seek to minimize our impact both through our own footprint here as well as through offering educational experiences that students can bring off of the mat and out into the world. We’re hidden away from the bustle of town, yet close enough for visitors to walk to the sea and all amenities. What are you waiting for?

Our Offerings

The community already knows and loves our year-round public yoga studio, but did you know we also host visiting facilitators? Want to bring your group to OM at Cashew Hill? Let us know! We help you along the entire journey. You can even add some of our services a la carte to your experience.

Clarity Breathwork…

Listening to the deep wisdom of our very own breath can lead us to a greater sense of connection, peace and bliss than we have ever experienced before. It is an excellent resource for trauma resolution, release of stress and tension and for awakening to your True Being within. Using the ancient practice of circular, connected breathing, clarity breathwork has been used in cultures around the world, for thousands of years.

Bring Your Own Group

I will send you all relevant information for beginning your journey as a group guide to Costa Rica’s South Caribbean. If you’re interested in hosting an experience at our sanctuary, please contact us! You will have access to our one-of-a-kind ocean view Maha Shala; fully equipped with mats, blocks, blankets, straps and bolsters. We’ll send you all relevant information to get your journey started! Email Avani@OMatCashewHill.com for more info TODAY!

Upcoming Yoga Teacher Trainings


March 4 to March 27, 2018



June 9 to July 2, 2018



July 22 to August 14, 2018



October 14 to November 6, 2018

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Drop-In and Practice

Seeing is believing! Come soak in the incredible views and the inspirational teachings from our expert, international staff.


Drop-In : $12 USD
10 Class Yoga Pass: $80 USD
20 Class Yoga Pass: $120 USD
All passes expire in 90 days


  • "The Yoga Teacher Training with the Caribe Yoga Academy made me feel like the very best of myself."

    ~Julie (Belgium)
  • "The Yoga Teacher Training with Caribe Yoga Academy made me feel like it was one of the main purposes of my life...It made me believe in love, in human beings, and in an entity larger than me again. I now believe there is a way to have a simple life created to feel peace and harmony within the earth, the universe and with all living beings."

    ~Brenda (Costa Rica)
  • "The Yoga Teacher Training with the CYA was life changing! Now I practice every day at home or in studio. I am so so proud of myself for taking on this practice that has led me to feel calmer, happier, lighter and physically stronger."

    ~Emilie (UK) 
  • "Sharing and practicing yoga with Avani has brought me back to my center and strength.  I got in contact with the goddess within me...I feel happier, content and blessed to be able to experience this beautiful place on earth!"

    ~Natalia (Argentina)
  • Avani’s passion for the practice shines in every class. She constantly brings new ways of integrating body, mind, heart, and spirit, with playful curiosity. I love how fun, uplifting, creative, yummy, and high quality her classes are. Avani makes the deep practice of yoga accessible to all kinds of people, and I always love coming to her classes.

    ~Camille (United States) 
  • "OM provides an entire transformative experience in a single class."

    ~Melanie (United States)
  • "You could never imagine what you could experience with breath until you allow yourself to experience this transformational workshop! In awe of the depth of emotion and love that is felt within it. Avani is a true master of grace and support within this space. Release, explore, surrender, and revive your life, all within this workshop."

    ~Hannah (UK) 
  • "Ever since doing the clarity breathwork with Avani I have been breathing deeper, easier. I feel like my mind has broadened and relaxed. It is a profound yet gentle experience of healing, all through the passage of my own body and breath. I am empowered in the sense that the healing takes place in my own hands, but all the while Avani is beautifully holding space for the shifts to occur."

    ~Kale (Australia) 
  • Discovering Om has been an instrumental part of my path. Avani and the many other beautiful teachers at Om guide with such compassion and wisdom that I experienced yoga far deeper than I knew I could. Classes are playful, fun, accessible for people on all different paths, and also deep, though provoking, and heart opening. Through practicing at Om, I rapidly began living yoga on and off the mat, and eventually felt inspired to become a yoga teacher myself. Om is more than a place to stretch, relax, or build core strength. It is a temple for self exploration, open hearted connection, and the true transformation that yoga exists for. I feel so blessed to have discovered this community and I'm forever grateful for the way that Om changed my life.

    ~Camille (United States)
  • My time at Om at Cashew Hill softened my edges, opened my heart, and reconnected me to the purity of this life. I am so grateful to have this yoga sanctuary in Puerto Viejo. No matter where my travels bring me, Om & PV will always be a home. Thank you Avani for all the energy and love you pour into Om to make it a place where each individual is seen, loved, and held.

    ~Carly (United States)

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