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6 Steps Toward Your Perfect Yoga Teacher Training

Can’t decide on a Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga Teacher Training is a deep and life-changing journey and the task of sifting through the sea of yoga training programs available today can be overwhelming.

But don’t stress! We’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re looking into a 200 hour program or you’re ready to deepen your teaching practice with a 300 hour program, our 6 Steps Toward Your Perfect Yoga Teacher Training guide will give you the boost you need to give an enthusiastic, full body “YES!” to the one that’s right for you!

6 Reasons Why Costa Rica is Your Top Pick for Yoga Teacher Training

You’ve chosen the life-changing, soul-quenching, heart-expanding journey of a yoga teacher training…

8 Telltale Signs You Just Might Be Aligning With Your Dharma

If you feel like you’re constantly moving against the grain…you probably are!

And your guides are likely trying to tell you so. Imagine what it would feel like if things just “clicked,” you served a sacred purpose and you enjoyed the hard work of it!?

This is the beauty of aligning with Dharma.

So how can you tell if you’re there or at the least headed in the right direction? Get our free guide to checkout the telltale signs that YOU just might be aligning with your Dharma.

7 Simple Practices to Maintain Your Zen When the Going Gets Tough

We can all use more tools when it comes to maintaining the zen in stressful situations.

Even the coolest of cucumbers can revert to unhealthy patterns when the sympathetic nervous system is in overdrive and there is no time for complicated rituals or step-by-step processes when you need a peaceful moment, STAT!

Download our 7 Simple Practices to Maintain Your Zen When the Going Gets Tough guide with fail-proof practices that are simple, powerful and peaceful..and then head back out into the world and slay as the cool, calm and collected creature that you are.

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